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Room Parents

Roles and Responsibilities            

What are the responsibilities of a Room Parent?

1) Room Parent Meetings-Participate in the Room Parent meetings, which are held twice a year in September and January.

2) Meet with your Teacher-Set up a meeting with your teacher as soon as possible.  Each teacher has their own expectations and needs with respect to class activities and volunteer needs.

3) Welcome New Families-Welcome new families in your class and introduce yourself as a room parent.

4) Class List-Gather contact information for the families in your class.  Include email addresses and cell phones if the families approve.  Provide list to teacher who will provide it to all the families.  Please complete this within two weeks of school starting.

5) Class Parties-Determine with the teacher what type of parties will be planned for the year and what type of support is required to help make the parties a success.  This support may include notifying classroom parent about the party, requesting specific items for the party and coordinating parent participation during the party.  If there are food restrictions in a particular classroom due to allergies or other concerns, please communicate this to those who are bringing treats.

6) Field Trips/Special Projects-Meet with the teacher to determine what assistance may be required for the field trip or special project.  This assistance may include notifying the classroom parents of the event and coordination parents to participate in the planned event.  Please ensure that the field trip sign up procedure is communicated to the parents.

7)Recess/Lunch Duty-Our teachers and assistants are responsible to do lunch and/or recess.  To show them some appreciation and give them time to plan lessons or grade papers, we are looking for lunch and recess coverage once a week or bi-weekly.  

8) Communicate Volunteer Schedule and Send-Compile a complete list of all the volunteer opportunities and the assigned volunteers.  Distribute this complete list to the class so everyone understands the activities, recess and field trips to which they are responsible.  Send reminder emails to volunteers shortly before the event to ensure adequate volunteer coverage.

9) Teacher Appreciation Day-Teacher Appreciation Day is scheduled during Catholic Schools Week and one week in May.  Room Parents will coordinate a luncheon for the teachers to have during lunch.

10) Virtus Training and CANTS- The Archdiocese has mandated Virtus training and an updated CANTS form for anyone planning on volunteering at the school in any capacity whatsoever, including one-time events such as field trip.


**We will randomly select one or two parents as Lead Room Parent and the other can be on the team.

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