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Principal's Welcome

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Welcome to St. Gall School! 

Founded in 1910, St. Gall School‘s purpose was to empower the youth of Chicago’s southwest side to be academically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for the challenges of high school and life.


Over 100 years later, we carry on that tradition.   Our mission is to prepare students to be compassionate models of Christ as we nurture the whole child, foster the leader in each of them, and empower every student to achieve their full potential.  We work hard to create an environment that creates a spirit of trust, understanding, and cooperation between school and home in order for the children to be educated in a harmonious environment.  Working as a team, our faculty, staff, and students strive to live by our root beliefs:  We are a family; We are made in the image and likeness of God; Challenges are opportunities; Everyone can be successful; Joy and learning coexist.

Over the past 9 years, I have fallen in love with this school and community. I feel so blessed to be able to help lead this school into the future, building on our goal to see all of our students succeed in life, with our mission and values always guiding us.  ​

Please contact us today at 773-737-3454 for a personal tour of our school.  We know you'll agree that St. Gall School is the perfect fit for your child!

Blessings and All Good Things,

L. Giannoni

Ms. Laurie Giannoni, Principal

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